Winterizing Your Bean Trailer

As much as we love the new adventures that Utah’s winter brings, we hate to see summer go. As hefty snowstorms hit and the mountain roads become ever more difficult to maneuver, you might come to the conclusion that it’s time to prep your teardrop trailer for the harsh winter ahead. Winterizing your trailer properly ensures that your Bean trailer stays in great condition, ready to roll out the moment you Springtime calls our name. If you’re unfamiliar with winterizing, let the experts at Bean Trailers help you out!

First Things First…

Before you move on to any other winterizing prep, we recommend draining all the water from your Bean trailer. This is an incredibly simple task, but one that should never be forgotten or done haphazardly.

  • Open up all drains, faucets, and shower valves throughout the trailer to drain any water from the system. If you need to prop up the front of your trailer to assist in moving water out, remember to take the proper precautions. Let it drain until the water comes to a light sputter.
  • Do the same with any water tank attached to your trailer.
  • Take the step to blow dry drain, faucets, and valves. This isn’t an entirely necessary step, but it is one that ensures valves and drains from freezing or rusting. Take a blow attachment to essentially blow-dry vulnerable areas.

Add the Antifreeze

If you’re unable to blow out the lines of your trailer after you’ve drained all water from your trailer, you can alternatively refill all lines with non-toxic antifreeze.

  • Pour about two to four gallons of non-toxic antifreeze into the water tank, keeping faucets open and pumping through the product until the antifreeze starts to come out.
  • Continue until all faucets are winterized.

Using antifreeze or compressed air to blow out any plumbing will get things safe from any winter elements. When spring rolls back around, simply drain the antifreeze and clean the system according to the new season. Unsure how to clear out antifreeze? It’s easy! Fill your Bean trailer tank with fresh water, turn on the water pump, and flush out the entire system.

  • Remember to sanitize the entire system both before and after you’ve winterized your trailer. This is especially important if you drink from your water tank. Use a small dose of bleach poured into the plumbing system to sanitize after antifreeze has been drained.

Have Questions?

Not sure how to make a mixture or how to de-winterize your Bean? We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any of your questions, or even winterize suggestions.

Winterizing Your Bean Trailer


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