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Our showroom is open 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday in Salt Lake City, Utah. Schedule a tour, browse our different camper models, and see how Bean is made!
If you have your sights set on Bean Trailer as your next camper purchase, and 
you’re located too far away, we fortunately have happy Bean owner’s all across the country ready to show you their trailer. Browse the location markers below and use our contact page to schedule a meetup with an owner near you. Additionally, we recommend checking our event page to see if we’re coming to an expo near you!

Please note, we do not have any dealer locations other than our headquarters in Salt Lake City. 

Please give Bean Trailer ample time to setup tours, ambassador schedules are variable. 

Apply to Become a Bean Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in participating in Bean Trailer’s referral program. There are Bean Stalkers nation wide waiting to see our teardrop trailers and you can be the first to demo Bean with them! You must be an owner to apply. To continue providing excellent support for our growing community we’re asking for your help by hosting tours.