How much does Bean Trailer cost?  

  • Bean has four teardrop models at different base prices:

    • The minimalist model, Bean Stock, starts at $15,950

    • The lightweight roadster model, Classic Bean, starts at $17,950

    • The premium off-road model, Mean Bean, starts at $17,950

    • The even more capable, Meaner Bean, starts at $19,950

What vehicle do you recommend for towing a Bean Trailer?   

  • Some of our most popular towing vehicles are Tacomas and 4 Runner’s but we reccomend at least 2700 lbs of towing capacity.


  Do you install AC units?   

  • Bean can be plumbed for a ClimateRight air conditioner that fits in our front rack. This way you can have it ready to go for hot summer days but also remove it easily if you are in need of more storage. 


  What is the current lead time after I place an order?  

  • Our current build time is 3 months out. Please contact us to get the most recent estimate.


  Do you offer financing options?   

  • We do not but we work closely with Mountain America and they will be more than happy to get you set up. We require half of the total cost upon ordering and half when the trailer is completed. 


  Can I rent a Bean Trailer?   

  • Currently we don’t rent our trailers. Although, there are a couple individuals that we’re aware of that rent Bean Trailer’s that they’ve purchased themselves. 


  What is the warranty?  

  • We offer a Limited Lifetime warranty on our roofline and a structural 1 year warranty.  Navigate to our Why Bean page to see our entire warranty disclosure. 


  Do you offer solar power?   

  • All of our teardrops come with solar hookups!


  Is there a bathroom in Bean?   

  • Bean’s classic design does not come with a toilet but there are some great camping ready porter potty options out there. 


  Do you have trailer reviews online?  

  • Yes we do. We often post updates and trailer walk-throughs on our YouTube channel.


  Is this product easy to maintain and service locally?  

  • Yes. Keeping it simple is the name of the game. Our trailer’s are made of a one-piece fiberglass shell, this means any local boat service shop will be able to fix any damage incurred to the trailer. 


  What is the Load Capacity on the Roof?   

  • With the available Thule ProBars there is a maximum load of 220lbs. dynamic weight. This is an iKamper X Cover and a water-filled Road Shower 4.


  What is the Max Tire Size?  

  • We have a couple wheel options that come standard with the trailers. With a Bean Stock or Classic, you’ll be equipped with a ST205/75R15 Kenda Karrier on a 15” Black Mod Wheel. For the Mean and Meaner packages, a LT235/75R15 General Grabber ATX is mounted on a Pro Comp 51 Series wheel in either a 15×7 or 15×8, respectively.


  Where can I find a dealer or place to view a trailer in person?  

  • We only sell direct out of our headquarters based in Salt Lake City, Utah but if you follow us on social media and go to our Bean Tracker or Events page you can see if we’re coming to a town near you. 


  Do we have used trailers for sale?  

  • We normally do not, but it never hurts to ask!


  Is a spare tire mount standard?  

  • Each one of our models come with a spare tire. The mount location varies depending on your specific build. 


  What is the Cabin interior height?  

  • Height for the cabin is 53”. 


  What is the length, width and height of Bean Trailer?  

  • The Mean and Meaner Bean trailers are 14’ ¼” long, 7’ 2” wide from end cap to end cap.

  • The Classic Bean and Bean Stock trailers are 14’ ¼” long, 7’ 2” wide from end cap to end cap.

  • The height of Bean Stock & Classic are 80” tall. 

  • The height of Mean Bean is 81” tall.

  • The height of Meaner Bean is 83” tall. 

  • When adding the Thule ProBar with Roof Brackets this will add an additional +2” to trailer height.


  How tall are your trailers with a roof-top tent?  

  • Find the model’s trailer height +  Thule ProBar height + the height of the tent you’ve picked out and this will equal your total height.

  • For example, an iKamper Skycamp is 12.5” + Bean Stock 80” + Thule ProBars 2” = 94.5”.


  What can be customized? Can I get a custom color paint job?  

  • We can print custom vinyl decals and exterior wraps per your request. Outside of the standard colors listed on our trailer pages we will color match according to the RAL spectrum as a an upgrade.


Do you guys offer a military discount?  

  • We offer $500 dollar off for our military men and women!


Does Bean Trailer offer any solutions for bringing bikes along?  

  • Yes, we designed the front spare mount receiver to accept Alta Rack’s 4 Pack Mount.