Bean has five teardrop models at different base prices:

  • The minimalist model, Bean Stock, starts at $22,990
  • The lightweight roadster model, Classic Bean, starts at $25,990
  • The premium off-road model, Mean Bean, starts at $24,990
  • The even more capable, Meaner Bean, starts at $25,990
  • Our most extreme in capability and luxury, Black Bean, starts at $39,990
  • Bean Stock’s, average price is $26,736
  • Classic Bean’s, average price is $28,121
  • Mean Bean’s, average price is $31,572
  • Meaner Bean’s, average price is $34,732
  • Black Bean’s average price is $46,550
  • The standard box dimensions are 60.5″x 21.35″ x 24.76″.
    • This box is compatible with Bean Stock, Classic Bean, Mean Bean, & Meaner Bean. 
  • Black Bean’s box dimensions are 60.5″ x 29.4375″ x 24.25″. 
    • Black Bean’s box comes with a rack-out tray capable of storing optional DOMETIC CFX3 75DZ.
    • This box is only compatible with Black Bean. 

Some of our most popular towing vehicles are Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners, and Subaru Outbacks, but as long as your towing capacity is at least 2700 lbs., any vehicle will work. Follow THIS LINK to see tow compatibility. 

Yes, AC is now available on all Bean Trailer models!

  • Can the new AC be retrofit on Bean?
    • No, the wiring and roof structure is different. Some Bean owners have had success with Zero Breeze.
  • Can current orders add the AC?
    • No, we can only accommodate new orders that have been quoted  a 6-month lead time.
  • What is the price of the AC?
    • $3,000. We recommend upgrading to the front box and dual lithium batteries on Bean Stock, Classic Bean, Mean Bean and Meaner Bean if you plan on running the AC on battery power.
  • Will it operate on battery power?
    • Yes, it will operate on dual batteries for a short period. You should plan on relying on a generator or shore power for extended use.
  • How long will it operate on battery power?
    • Depends on the use. In humid and hot environments, like the beach in North Carolina, we gotten as little as 3 hours with dual lithium batteries.
  • Will your solar panel keep up with the AC
    • No, the AC depletes power at a higher rate than the solar panel generates power. Please, plan on utilizing a generator or a shore power connection to run the AC for an extended time.

We assume you are using the fridge and lights, and using the vent fan only when you’re inside in the evening or during inclement weather. There are many factors that go into how long your batteries last. Did you leave your refrigerator out and sitting in the sun causing the compressor to kick on more frequently? What temperature did you set it to? Is the weather poor so you’re inside the trailer using the vent fan all day? Even the time of year can affect this. 

Rather than list how long the batteries last, here are their energy capacities. This will help determine how long each option lasts comparatively. AGM Batteries can only be used till they hit 50% without damaging the battery. You will effectively have double the capacity with the lithium battery. 

AGM: 100Ah, 50Ah usable, 1-3 days normal usage

Li-ion: 105Ah, 105Ah usable, 2-6 days normal usage

Dual Li-ion: 210Ah, 210Ah usable, 4-8 days normal usage

Black Bean only Quad Li-ion: 420Ah, 420Ah usable, 7+ days normal usage

Any battery option can last for multiple days if you are careful about your usage. 

Occasionally, a Bean will get loose! These are put up for sale on the Inventory Trailers page of our website. Subscribe to our newsletter for instant trailer releases or stop by our website from time to time to see if anything comes up.

Our Meaner Bean trailer is built to go off-road. It’s equipped with a Timbren Independent suspension, Max coupler hitch, off road tires and 17″ of ground clearance, so this gets the job done. We’ve thoroughly tested all of our models on rugged terrain. 

Additionally, we use better materials for our cabin construction. The entire body is molded out of a one-piece fiberglass shell with 3/4″ Space Age composite insulation. This defends against leaks and increases longevity. We actually have a lifetime warranty on our roofline too!

Check out our individual trailer pages for specific specs. 

We require $5,000  down upon ordering and the remaining amount when the trailer is completed. We do not offer in house financing, but we work closely with Mountain America Credit Union and they will be more than happy to get you set up with financing. 

Unfortunately, we don’t rent our trailers. However, there are usually a few individuals that rent Bean Trailers locally through Outdoorsy and other rental platforms!

Take a look at our Rental referral page to see if there is a trailer nearby! 


We offer a Limited Lifetime warranty on our roofline and a structural 1 year warranty.  Navigate to our Why Bean page to see our entire warranty disclosure. 

All of our teardrops come with solar connection hookups! Solar panels are available as an option. 

Bean’s classic design does not come with a toilet but there are some great camping ready porta potty options out there. 

Yes we do. We often post updates and trailer walk-throughs on our YouTube channel.

Yes. Keeping it simple is the name of the game. Our trailers are made of a one-piece fiberglass shell, this means any local boat service shop will be able to fix any damage incurred to the trailer shell. Additionally, any RV repair shop should be able to take care of you for plumbing, heating, and suspension related issues.

Mounted on the optional roof rack system, Thule ProBars have a maximum load of 220lbs. dynamic weight. This can accommodate the iKamper Rooftop Tent and a filled Road Shower. 

We have a couple of wheel options that come standard with the trailers. With a Bean Stock or Classic Bean, you’ll be equipped with a ST205/75R15 Kenda Karrier on a 15” Black Mod Wheel. For the Mean and Meaner models, 15″ Mickey Thompson all-terrain tires are mounted on a Pro Comp 51 Series wheel.

We only sell directly out of our headquarters based in Salt Lake City, Utah but there are still three options available for you.

1. Go to our Find Bean Near You page. We have a network of Bean ambassadors and owners ready to give trailer tours. If you contact us, and let us know where you’re located we can then work on setting you up with a tour. 

2. Go to our Events page. This way you can see what events and expos we have planned for the year and see if we’re coming to a town near you.

3. Follow us on social media. We often are often out and about exploring the countryside so if you notice we’re nearby please feel free to contact us

We do not. Used Bean Trailer’s are hard to come by.

If you’re interested in ordering Bean, our lead time is variable so it is best to call in to get an up to date estimate.

Each one of our models come with a spare tire. The mount location varies depending on your specific build. 

Height for the cabin is 54 1/2”.

  • The Mean and Meaner Bean trailers are 14’ ¼” long, 7’ 4” wide from outside of fender to outside of fender. 

  • The Classic Bean and Bean Stock trailers are 14’ ¼” long, 7’ 2” wide from outside of fender to outside of fender. 

  • The height of Bean Stock & Classic trailers are 80” tall. 

  • The height of Mean Bean is 81” tall.

  • The height of Meaner Bean is 83” tall. 

  • When adding the Thule ProBar with Roof Brackets this will add an additional 2” to trailer height.

  • Find the model’s trailer height +  Thule ProBar height + the height of the tent you’ve picked out and this will equal your total height.

  • For example, an iKamper Skycamp is 12.5” + Bean Stock 80” + Thule ProBars 2” = 94.5”.

We can print custom vinyl decals and exterior wraps per your request. Outside of the standard colors listed on our trailer pages we will color match according to the RAL spectrum as a an upgrade.

Yes, we are proud to  offer a 1% military discount for our military men and women! So, if your Bean build is $30,000 we will honor a $300 discount.

See how to activate discount below:

  • Active duty military – Military ID Card
  • Current Guard / Reserve – Military ID Card
  • Retirees – Military ID Card
  • Veterans – VA Issued Health Card


Yes, we designed the front spare mount receiver to accept Alta Rack’s 4 Pack Mount. This accommodates bikes with wheel sizes from 20 inch up to 29+ inches. It also can be easily removed from our trailers and attached to your tow vehicle, in the case you wanted to use it for separate adventures. 

All Bean Trailers are sold factory direct from our facility here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yes. The insulation is comprised of 3/4” space age composite material with an R-value of 1.7. This material is also bug and water resistant

  • Bean Stock = 165 lbs
  • Classic Bean = 185 lbs
  • Mean Bean = 200 lbs
  • Meaner Bean = 220 lbs

The dimensions for the storage rack are the following:

Premium Plus Galley: 
• 18″ x 26 1/2″

Premium Galley: 
• 18″ x 23 1/2″

Base Plus Galley: 
• 18″ x 23 1/2″

Base Galley
• Rack-out tray not included

Most likely yes! Depending on your model and configuration there may be additional changes that come with the added heater. 

Mean Bean and Meaner Bean come with 15″ all-terrain tires.

Yes, the composite wall material allows about 12” of extra headroom which makes a big difference in how it feels inside. The total headroom measures 54 1/2″.

Yes, Bean has a soft touch headliner with dimmable recessed lights. The galley has accent lighting where you can change the color.

Solar panels will only charge the 12v system. 

You could use a solar generator (like a goal zero 1500x) to mimic shore power, and activate the 110v outlets. 

All Bean Trailer’s have a 6x lug pattern.

Bean has one of the most durable teardrop campers available in the country. Our trailer’s cabin is constructed from a one-piece fiberglass shell. Our base is made from composite materials, and a powder coated steel frame.