The original Bean Stock 1.0 released in 2021 notably sporting rounded black fenders and black raptor trim has been discontinued. At Bean we put a strong emphasis on evolving and creating the best trailers possible for our customers.  Although we are no longer manufacturing this model, it has officially evolved into the Bean Stock 2.0


Bean Trailer is proud to introduce the Bean Stock 2.0, a trailer designed for budget-conscious individuals that need a lightweight trailer that has the same premium one-piece fiberglass shell as our top-tier trailer models.

Bean Stock 2.0

Stock Bean

Mean Bean

Mean Bean


It is the ONLY premium one-piece fiberglass trailer that starts under $20,000

It is the ONLY premium one-piece fiberglass trailer that starts under $20,000.

  • Instead of plywood and aluminum skin, our trailers come with a one piece fiberglass shell. We use quality materials and improved windows and door construction. This way you’ll have no more leaky nights and a product that will last a lifetime! 
  • More interior space
  • Superior design and fit and finish.

Lightweight trailer that is compatible with midsize and compact SUVs

  • This trailer can be towed by Subaru Forester, Subaru Crosstrek,  Toyota RAV, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and other vehicles that have at least 1,500 lbs of tow capacity. 
Community & customer service
  • Bean Trailer has the lowest warranty claims in the country. We are known for top-tier off-road trailers and our top notch service. Bean Stock was designed for reduced maintenance because it has no water tank, hatch, or plumbing system.
  • Join our trailer owner groups online to see some of our rave reviews from our amazing community of adventure enthusiasts.
Off-road capability 
  • Bean Trailers are known for going where other trailers can’t. Bean Stock doesn’t compromise the rugged durability and quality craftsmanship that Bean Trailer is renowned for. Find and explore unique campsites off the beaten path that facilitate lifelong memories.