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Jan 9, 2024

Because of the ability to be able to sleep wherever and whenever you want, campers have been growing in popularity, and one of the most sought-after is the teardrop, typically because it offers all the basics we need at some rather affordable prices. This time around, Bean and their Bean Stock 2.0 is showing us that a camper is a whole lot more accessible than we may think.

March 10, 2022

If you’re in the mood to explore and have yet to enjoy an adventurous road trip, might I suggest a teardrop camper? It’s the perfect way to embark on a comfortable multi-day camping trip that gives you a change of scenery from your regular ‘ole car while getting a break from your typical environment.

August 16, 2021

“This travel trailer provides more functionality including higher ground clearance, galley accessibility, more electrical power, and plenty of storage while offering a cozy interior design…”

August 6, 2021

“Bean trailers are among the friendliest, curviest towables on road and trail, but the latest model gets a little extra spice and edge. The limited-edition Black Bean arrives blacked-out…”

May 24, 2021

“During our RV downsizing journey, we looked at quite a few small travel trailers. The number one requirement was the travel trailer had to be lightweight. Specifically, we were looking for travels trailers…”

December 8, 2020

“After working for (and waiting out a non-compete from) a competitor, Harling co-founded Sterling ATM with his business partner, Steve Binder, in 2002. The company grew into one of the leading…”

November 28, 2020

“Most of the people I know who have a car camping vehicle of some sort are not satisfied with some aspect of it. If it’s a truck topper, they might hate putting it on and taking…”

November 13, 2020

“Congratulations to these companies and their employees on being selected for these prestigious awards. The Utah Manufacturers Association expresses our thanks to these manufacturers…”

March 7, 2021

“I saw an advert for the Bean teardrop trailers while watching a YouTube video and I’m going to lead with the fact that this is, by far, the coolest teardrop I have ever seen…”

May 20, 2020

“Teardrop campers are growing in popularity as people embrace small living and focus on the experience of camping. A teardrop camper can be everything from a functional RV to nothing more than…”

May 28, 2020

“Welcome back to the Off the Road Again podcast! We’ve missed you. The focus is on the off-road adventure but we also dabble in all things SUV and truck, maybe even some rally cars…”

July 10, 2020

“Teardrop campers first became popular in the 1930s when do-it-yourself magazines like Mechanix Illustrated published guides for readers to build their own. These streamlined teardrop trailers…”

March 27, 2019

“Mark Harling wasn’t 100 percent sure his trailers stood a chance against ice cream sandwiches and the extravagant tech products produced in the state when his daughter nominated his business…”

April 11, 2019

“SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The odds are that you’ve seen one of those colorful, pint-sized campers known as Bean Trailers rolling down a Utah roadway. They were named “The Coolest…”

April 26, 2019

“Bean Trailers, an 18-year-olf manufacturing company, has its headquarter in Salt Lake City (the manufacturing facility is 55,000 square feet) and employs more than 100 people. The company…”

May 21, 2019

“When summer rolls around each year, a lot of people’s thoughts turn to road trips and camping excursions and there can be few better choices for sleeping under the stars than a teardrop trailer…”