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Being ready for whatever the road throws at you is important.  That’s why we’ve developed The “Mean” Bean Teardrop Trailer—which incorporates several robust upgrades that make towing across difficult terrain more possible than ever—without sacrificing the style, detail, and craftsmanship that sets Bean Trailer apart from any of our competitors. The Mean Bean’s construction invites you to treat it a little “meaner” than most: aside from the standard, seamless fiberglass shell that already makes any Bean trailer a teardrop standout, we’ve also Armadillo coated the fenders to make them durable enough to bear the brunt of your weight as you access your top rack. Don’t worry: if you feel like you’re ready to drift away, there’s plenty of room—and a beckoning mattress—waiting for you inside the spacious cabin. The Mean Bean might be a fighting machine, but it sure isn’t lean on comfort. 


Order to completion lead time is 90 days for Mean Bean models.
ᐁ  Length
14' 1/4"
ᐁ  Width
7' 4"
ᐁ  Height
+ Maxx Fan
ᐁ  Ground Clearance
ᐁ Counter Height
ᐁ  Tire Size
ᐁ  Mattress Size
58" x 78"
ᐁ  Dry Weight
1800 lbs.
ᐁ  Roofline Lifetime Warranty
Bean Trailer offers a limited lifetime warranty against leaks where the endcap ends and the roof begins.
ᐁ  1 Year Structural Warranty
Bean Trailer offers a 1 year structural warranty.


Displaying our optional Premium Plus Galley configuration*

Bean's interior has a foot of additional headroom compared to most teardrops!

All of our trailer models come with the same interior dimensions with a height of 54 1/2” and room for a 60″ x 80″  queen sized bed. The insulation is comprised of 3/4” bug and water resistant space age composite material with an R-value of 1.7. Besides, Bean’s spacious and durable design, this trailer’s soft touch headliner with dimmable recessed lights, creates a relaxing and modern space where you’ll never feel confined. 

Mean Bean cabin pictured with our standard Sleeping In laminate.




  • 4 1/2″ Queen foam mattress.
  • Interior walls with stain and abrasion resistant wall coverings
  • Insulated ceiling with soft touch vinyl headliner
  • Upper cubby with LED push button down lighting & dual USB ports    
  • (4) Plastic laminated interior cabinets with galley pass through
  • TROFAST compatible shelving system
  • Dimmable recessed lighting in inviting warm tone 
  • Large attic over cabinet doors 
  • (2) large drawers under cabinet doors  
  • 14″ roof vent
  • (4) floor-mounted D-rings
  •  Floor storage compartment with integrated lid
  • (6) Floor-mounted D-rings


  • 100 amp deep cycle AGM battery
  • Power converter
  • Shore power
  • (2) AC wall plugs with USB plugs (galley and cabin)
  • Solar power port
  • LED taillights and illuminated side markers
  • License plate lighting



  • Powder coated steel tube frame with pitched torsion axle, tongue, fixed 8,000 lbs jack
  • 15 1/2” of ground clearance
  • Safety chains
  • Removable 2” ball hitch coupler
  • 2″ receiver
  • 15” steel wheels with 28.88″ radial all-terrain tires
  • 7 pin wiring harness
  • Passsenger sidewall mounted spare tire
  • 2 rear stabilizer jacks
  • Breakaway braking system pre-wired for electronic braking
  • Rear hitch receiver – 200 lb weight capacity


  • One-piece fiberglass shell with marine grade colored gelcoat finish 
  • Colored sidewalls, black endcaps, white roof, and white hatch
  • Rugged black stand-on fiberglass fenders with slip/scuff resistant finish, and round side marker
  • Front storage rack 
  • Aluminum battery box
  • (2) Black side entry doors with integrated port windows, circular shades, and screen doors
  • Driver side operational window
  • (2) Outdoor porch lights
  • Rear galley hatch with integrated lift and latching system



white laminate

Wedding Cake




Sleeping In


Morris Oak
($199 Upgrade)

Morris Oak_Meaner Bean


The standard color for the trim/arch of Bean's shell is black.


white laminate

Silk Grey




Squirrel Grey


Beige Grey


Umbra Grey


Mojave Sage


Coral Red




Zinc Yellow




Sky Blue


($1000 Upgrade)




Standard Mean Bean Galley

Galley Upgrade

The standard galley on our Mean Bean camper gives you more options than most teardrop trailers, with an abundance of space, easy to clean surfaces, and excellent cooking amenities. The standard package includes the following features:

  • Partner Steel 2-burner stove (18” long)
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Counter made of stainless steel
  • Extra-strength backsplash
  • 50-quart ice chest from Coleman Extreme
  • 18-gallon water tank
  • Dome light mounted on the hatch
  • Paper towel dispenser mounted on the hatch
  • Two cabinet doors under the counter
  • (2) sliding hard plastic doors
  • Stainless steel bottom edge trim
  • Cooler tray (powder coated for durability)
  • Cutting board insert (goes in the sink)
  • (2) D-ring tie-downs
  • RGB strip lighting with touch controller

While the standard galley on the Mean Bean is a gold standard among teardrop trailers. You can take your adventure even further by upgrading your galley to include a variety of different features. Some key features of the galley upgrade are outlined below:

  • Upgraded Sink: The stainless-steel sink on the upgraded version comes complete with a water tank, pump, and filter, which are in a cabinet below the sink.
  • Refrigerator Hookup: The upgraded Mean Bean galley is designed to accommodate the Norcold NRF 45 portable refrigerator & freezer, both in terms of size and hookups.
  • Upgraded Stove: The stove on the upgrade is more versatile, with a rack out table and tray and a 2 burner folding propane stove.
  • Standard Features: Obviously, all of the standard features of the Mean Bean galley are there when you purchase the galley upgrade!



Interior Accent


Add  lighting to your cubby and attic space. With this option you’ll create an even more of a  relaxing environment fit for movie nights,  great night’s rest. 


NEW Pop-up Table


A favorite new upgrade amongst most owners. This table converts the cabin sleeping space into a relaxing dining and recreational room. 

spray port

Spray Port


The spray port is a great option for people who want the ability to bring pressurized water to the road.  Instantly spray off totes, coolers, bikes and other camp accessories by simply connecting the coil hose. 

rhinio rack sun seeker awning

Rhino Rack Sun Seeker Awning


Lightweight and easy to deploy. Using this awning protects you from the elements as you take a break from the trails and relax next to your Bean.




Just got back from a hard day of adventuring? Stylize your cabin and relax with the added comfort of our upholstered backrest.


Solar/Gravity Fed Road Shower


Enjoy the comfort of hot, pressurized water during your teardrop adventures. With 7 gallons this addition is like adding plumbing with instant and easy access to water wherever you go!

icons8-fan-head-500 (1)

Roof Fan/Fan


With the heavy-duty roof ventilation fan and handheld remote, push hot air out or pull cool air in to regulate the temperature inside the cabin with ease.


Thule Probar
Roof Rack


Need more room for your favorite gear or camping goodies? Our roof rack provides a sturdy and highly customizable system that can be used to rig a canopy, rooftop tent, or even a road shower. Delight in all the luxuries without them getting in the way of precious teardrop trailer storage space.

Side Wall Mounted Brakcet

Side Wall Mounted


These brackets are the key to be able to upgrade your trailer with most of our exterior options included on this list.  They are through-bolted to provide superior strength for options like storage racks, roof top tents, and awnings. 

bunk upgrade2

NEW Children's Bunk


For Bean owners with children and dogs, this detachable bunk is a great feature to add to provide additional sleeping space. It installs at the foot of Bean’s queen size bed and  measures, 57.5 in x 22.5 in. 


Awning Annex Accessory


For the camper who plans to utilize Bean beyond a weekend getaway, we’re proud to release our custom annex, the next best thing since our 23 Zero 180°  awning. Combine the two upgrades for even more additional coverage from the elements, privacy when you need it, and possibly even as a personal shower stall. The options are endless!


Norcold NFR30


Whether you’re reaching for a refreshing drink, a frozen treat, or meat for the grill, the Norcold Fridge and Freezer is your greatest camping ally. This ain’t your average mini fridge.

front box

Standard Front Box


Bean’s Front Box provides a secure and sturdy location to store extra gear and your campers battery system. Many owners love this option because of the improved space efficiency and the option to mount a 1UP Dual Bike Rack. The standard box dimensions are 60.5″x 21.35″ x 24.76″.

45 qt

Norcold NRF45 Fridge/Freezer
(Premium Plus Galley Only)


Ever feel like you need more room in your fridge and freezer? We’ve got you covered. The powder-coated cooler and fridge rack on our Premium Galley package accommodates a larger 45-quart fridge and freezer. Your favorite camp cooking goodies won’t ever have to fight for space again.

front_facing window_premium2

NEW Stealth Front Window


Get the best view of the mountains, lakefronts, or sprawling landscapes right from the comfort of your teardrop trailer. With this upgraded front window, you’ll create a modern style with added lighting for your cabin space. 


Lithium Battery


Whether you’re caravanning through the road less traveled or relaxing at an established campground, trusty power sources are a must for most. Charge your gadgets and more with the LionEnergy Safari UT Lithium-ion 1300 battery.

solar panel

Zamp Solar Pannel


The 140 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Solar Kit is a great option to be able to charge your trailer on the go. Simply set it up when you arrive at your destination and let this panel go to work for you. 

23 zero awning

23 Zero 180° Awning


A step up from the Sun Seeker awning, this easy to deploy, wide coverage awning is great for inclement weather or to escape the beating sun. The best thing about this option is it’s sturdy enough to stand up with ratchet straps without having to deploy the additional stabilizing poles. 

rock sliders

Rock Sliders


Adventuring on rough terrain? The Bean rock slider upgrade provides serious protection for your teardrop trailer. Made of highly durable material, our rock sliders save the under-edge of your trailer’s body. Keep your trailer looking pristine for many miles to come.

bike rack

Bike Rack


Being mobile is a beautiful thing. Conveniently bring your bikes anywhere you go with this 4 basket  bike rack. This setup ensures contact to the tires only. Alta also uses 8 feet of weld on every rack, and provided a lifetime warranty against manufacturer errors. 


LightLeaf 140 Watt Solar Panel


The 140 Watt LightLeaf Solar Panel is an excellent option to charge Bean in transit and be able to offset power consumption at your campsite. While traveling, use the 3 part easy lock system to secure your panel on the front of Bean.  When you arrive at your destination simply detach the panel and angle it towards the sun. 


NEW Instant Hot Water System


Freshen up and bring the luxury of a shower on the road with you. Instantly heat water from our 18 gallon water tank to use with your galley’s faucet or the  quick connect shower head. 

front storage lockers

Front Storage Lockers


The front lockers provide additional storage space that is easy to utilize. They are secured with key locks and each has interior clothes hooks for items like backpacks, jackets, muddy boots, etc. 


Truma Varioheat


Keep your trailer’s interior temperature cozy, even if you’re adventuring in the middle of winter. With the upgraded Truma Varioheat, take advantage of traveling around with your Classic Bean no matter the season or weather conditions.


Rooftop Tent


Of course, every Bean Teardrop Trailer is built with ample space and comfortable sleep in mind, but how should you sleep multiple friends or family members? Easy. Travel smart with the rooftop tent upgrade. Because when it comes to adventure, we believe in the “more the merrier” principle.