Beyond the Bean: A Look at Bean Trailer’s All-New, “Bean There” Camping App!

Bean Trailer is about exploring, spontaneity, and comfortable camping. Bean is more than just a camper; it is a lifestyle. Beyond manufacturing an incredible product, we asked ourselves and our customers what would make the Bean ownership experience even better? We noticed there aren’t many easy-to-use campsite finders online specifically for teardrop sized camper trailers. […]

2022 Black Bean is at the Top of Its Class with These 7 New Features

Have you seen it yet?! We’re excited to release the latest update on Black Bean! “Black Bean 2022 is top of [its] class with these 7 new features,” – Drew Hansen, with Playing with Sticks. Tune into the Playing with Sticks teardrop trailer channel on YouTube for an informative announcement video. Thanks for following Bean […]

10 Ways to Help Relax when Camping with Bean Trailer

1. Cook real dinners and meals, not “camp” food After a long hike or day out, you’re going to get hungry. Thrown together meals won’t sustain you very long on the road, so plan in advance and choose recipes that are easy to make outdoors but are satisfying. You’ll be pleased to find all Beans […]