1. Cook real dinners and meals, not “camp” food

After a long hike or day out, you’re going to get hungry. Thrown together meals won’t sustain you very long on the road, so plan in advance and choose recipes that are easy to make outdoors but are satisfying. You’ll be pleased to find all Beans come with a kitchen!

2. Prepare food at home, and bring it frozen

A great way of having tasty home cooked meals when you’re camping is freezing them and taking them with you! If you’re only out a few days, this is a great way to make cooking easy, all you need to do is heat up the food!

3. Closed toe shoes will help keep your feet clean and make you feel more comfortable

Something you may not think of is wearing closed-toed shoes. This is a quality of life change, and you’ll find you sleep better without gritty grimy feet.

4. Prioritize anaerobic exercise

Release endorphins! When you exercise, but especially during anaerobic exercise, your brain releases endorphins which calm your stress, and work wonders for your mental health. Taking time to run, jog, hike, or do something that gets you nice and sweaty will make you feel better in the long term, and make you feel less bad about eating 10 s’mores that night…

5. Have more organization

Your first time out with your Bean trailer will probably include every possible gadget and gizmo you think you might need. What you’ll find, is that you didn’t use 70% of the stuff you brought. Organization will come as you camp more, but make an effort to figure out what you really need, and where those items can be stored in your Bean trailer. Try to consolidate items into related categories, and think about access. When will you need that item, and where will it be when you need it?

6. Find a way to bathe regularly

NOTHING is worse than your legs sticking together when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Camping near a body of water, or even just bringing ‘wet wipes’ is a key part of staying clean when you’re camping. Stickiness and dirt will make you sleep poorly, so make yourself clean and comfy before climbing back into the Bean!

7. Change your sheets & bedding

This is tougher with a sleeping bag, but sleeping in PJ’s and having an extra clean set will suffice. One major beauty of a teardrop camper is that you have a real mattress! Change the sheets in your Bean trailer every few days so you have somewhere clean to relax!

8. ‘Deep’ clean every 2-3 days

A small dust pan and brush can help you keep your Bean or tent interior clean. Wipe down tables and counters, and make sure you don’t have a bunch of stuff laying around your site. You’ll thank yourself when you are ready to pack up, or are looking for something in a pinch.

9. Do something out of the ordinary one day

Take a break from your vacation! Did you plan on mountain biking for the whole trip? Try floating down a river and enjoying the water. Break up your activities so you feel like you’ve gotten at least a little down time.

10. Keep your home routines

Don’t try and ‘escape’ by cancelling your home routines when you’re out with the Bean. Your brain likes some standardization, so do it a favor and don’t skip your morning tea and crumpets.