Don’t get me wrong, I love Utah! I am constantly amazed when my friends show me pictures of places I’ve never been before. I am convinced that I could go somewhere interesting every weekend for the rest of my life and never experience all the cool stuff my state has to offer. Just this morning Ben, who works with us at Bean Trailer, showed me pictures of Grande Gulch. Simply amazing!

For as much as I love Utah, I don’t ski, and I don’t like the cold or snowy-rainy overcast weekends in Salt Lake City. Honestly, it kind of depresses me, so if I see a bad forecast, I try my best to skip town. Over the years Moab and St George/Hurricane have become my go-to locations.

I love the flexibility that Bean gives me to then be spontaneous and get out of town to find a beautiful backcountry vista.  It allows me to leave the worries of preplanned reservations behind because Bean is so small and I know it will fit just about anywhere. It’s versatile and rugged nature makes finding a great spot to sleep a hassle-free task. Also, something that helps me, is an app called, All Stays Camp and RV. It’s superb at showing you good camping areas including BLM and forest land.  

This past weekend, my wife and I left Salt Lake City mid-morning on a Saturday and found awesome single-track mountain bike trails within 4 hours! I love nothing more than getting out, riding for a couple of hours, finding a great spot, enjoying a great meal, relaxing by the fire, and ending with a good nights sleep. In the morning, I love opening the shade on the front window of Bean and feeling the anticipation of another day’s adventure. But first, maybe a bit more sleep and then some Coffee!

It’s a weight off my shoulders coming back tired after a great adventure knowing that cleaning up is going to be super simple. If you’re ever questioning going on a trip because of the dull nature of packing and unpacking, ask me how many times I have regretted doing it with Bean? NEVER!