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Top 5 RV Camping Apps For Your Next Trip

You’ve decided to go on your next amazing camping trip, but you can’t decide on where to go, how to get there, what to bring, and most importantly, how much it’ll cost. That’s why, when you’re planning out your trip,

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How to Winterize Your Bean Trailer

Our engineers recommend performing maintenance on these two items to properly winterize your trailer. Holding Tanks Open up all drains, faucets, and shower valves, and drain all water from the system. Propping up the front of the trailer may help

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Teardrop Trailers

Top 10 Galley Essentials for Your Teardrop Trailer

Welcome to the Bean Family! Now that you have your trailer, it’s time to pack up and start your adventure! Teardrop trailers are all about convenience, so don’t let the stress over planning and packing get in the way of

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