The RV industry, like any ecosystem, is subject to constant shifts and evolving demands. Those who adapt fastest survive and thrive, while those who cling to outdated methods risk fading away. We’ve all heard the familiar phrase ‘survival of the fittest.’ But what Darwin truly meant wasn’t just about being the biggest or strongest. It was about being best adapted to your environment. Just like creatures in nature, companies need to constantly adapt to thrive in a changing market. This is the reality the teardrop trailer industry faces today, and we’re choosing to trailblaze our own path to prosperity.

Feast to Famine: A Market in Flux

Just three years ago, the RV industry experienced a feast of unprecedented growth. But the unprecedented growth didn’t last. Inflation, double digit labor rates increases, soaring material costs, and rising interest rates created a perfect storm, plunging the market into a famine not seen since 2012. Many companies saw sales plummet by 50% in 2023 compared to the boom years prior.

Market research hinted at this shift, but we craved deeper understanding. So, we tapped Drew Hansen of ‘Playing with Sticks’ for industry insights. His confirmation was stark: the questions he’s been receiving online about trailers in the $40,000+ range price range has slowed, while interest boomed within a more affordable $15,000+ range. Typically, trailers at this lower price point are built with plywood walls, thin aluminum skins, and screwed and glued together with cheap components. Clearly, inflation and rising rates were pricing eager adventurers out of the Bean family. This realization ignited our resolve to adapt. We couldn’t ignore the new market pulse and the customers yearning for Bean quality at a more accessible price point.

A Fork in the Road: Two Routes to Survival

Faced with this new reality, we had two choices:

1. Follow the Herd: We could have taken the easy route, sacrificing quality and durability for cheaper materials and simpler construction. But that’s not the Bean way. We own a large signage business so we could have easily built a trailer with inferior materials and components but we wouldn’t settle for building trailers we wouldn’t want to own ourselves, trailers that wouldn’t withstand the rugged adventures we crave.

2. Forge Our Own Path: Instead, we chose to stay true to our core values of unparalleled quality, ruggedness, and exquisite craftsmanship. We wouldn’t compromise our identity, but we knew we needed to adapt to meet the market’s new demands.

Before we get into Beanstock 2.0 we need to talk about Bean Squared. Squared is the biggest trailer we have ever developed. We designed and built a modular galley approach that we tested and loved as part of our Bean Squared development. We learned we could produce a convenient, efficient galley that did not need to be accessed through a rear hatch. We also knew we could create a lot of interior space by trading the rear hatch and galley for a big rear window, integrated shelf, and interior storage area.

Beanstock 2.0: Redefining Affordability without Compromise

Enter Beanstock 2.0, a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It embodies everything Bean stands for:

  • Unwavering Quality: The signature one-piece molded fiberglass shell, composite walls and floors, and refined components like double-paned windows, soft-touch interiors, birch plywood cabinetry with grain matching laminates remain.
  • Trailblazing Functionality: We revolutionized the traditional rear hatch, replacing it with a spacious rear window, integrated shelf, and interior storage area, offering even more living space and versatility.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency: By strategically analyzing production costs, we identified the galley as the key area for savings. We developed a modular, efficient side-galley system that maintains functionality without the expense of a rear hatch.
  • Lightweight Adventure: Beanstock 2.0 weighs under 1,300 pounds, opening up the world of Bean ownership to those with smaller tow vehicles.
  • Community & Customer Service: Bean Trailer has the lowest warranty claims in the country. We are known for top-tier off-road trailers and our top notch service. Join our trailer owner groups online to see some of our rave reviews from our amazing community of adventure enthusiasts.

The Most Spacious, Refined, Capable Bean Yet

Beanstock 2.0 is a testament to our ability to adapt and thrive. It’s the most spacious, refined, and capable teardrop trailer on the market for its price, a perfect fit for budget-conscious adventurers who refuse to compromise on quality and experience.

We are proud to present Beanstock 2.0, joining our line of respected and durable trailers. The most spacious, refined, capable and durable teardrop trailer for the money. Join us as we carve our own path in the changing RV landscape, proving that with innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence, even in a famine, Bean can always bloom.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trailer experts if you have additional questions or would like a tour of our RV Dealership here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Give us a call at 844-770-7036 or email us at We are happy to help!