The teardrop trailer community asked and we listened, introducing Bean Stock 2.0: the epitome of durability, refinement, and value in the RV industry. In response to challenges like economic uncertainty and supply chain disruptions. Bean Trailer presents a new model to our lineup and a game-changing solution designed to exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Bean Stock 2.0 retains the beloved one-piece fiberglass shell, ensuring unparalleled strength and longevity. Unlike other manufacturers who compromise by using cheap materials, we have innovated without compromising quality. By eliminating the rear galley and hatch, we’ve introduced a modular side galley that optimizes space and functionality, creating a panoramic interior view that expands your living area.

Beanock 2.0 is lightweight, versatile, and compatible with a wide range of smaller vehicles, making it accessible to a broader audience. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing premium quality at an affordable price point.

Beanock 2.0 isn’t just a trailer; it’s a declaration—a declaration that quality need not be sacrificed for affordability. Join the Bean Trailer family and experience the evolution of off-road travel. Live beyond your dreams, within your budget, with Bean Stock 2.0.

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