After shopping around for almost a year for the perfect tear drop. We stumbled upon Bean. Most places were a year out for construction and everything was done over the phone or email. Bean was the complete opposite. We got to go into the warehouse, meet the owner (who was super nice and got our kids snacks during the tour), we got to touch, feel, and design the perfect trailer for our family. Richard was the salesman and kept in touch with us via phone or text the entire process. The turn around was short and we could literally not be more happy with our purchase. I have no hesitations taking the trailer anywhere, knowing that it is reliable and there is a WARRANTY. When a company includes a signed letter from every person that laid hands on the trailer, shirts, a Christmas card, and an ornament to go on the tree, BUY FROM THEM.
Wow guys, You're really starting to build some incredible trailers. We have always been impressed with your designs, but you can also tell someone in your factory has spent time in a teardrop. All the additions you have added are everything we wish we had in our teardrop trailer. We've been saying for years why don't people make more fiberglass teardrops. And then you go and make them, but go above and beyond and make it one piece molded fiberglass and up the fun by making it off-road capable. Thanks guys for doing what you're doing, You're definitely paving the way for new more innovative teardrops in the future!
Love, love, love the galley. So well thought out and easy to use. Makes cooking simple and then it's quick to clean. We love the fact that we have a real bed, and when it rains and is windy, we can lay in the warm and feel so very, very snug. No more tent walls blowing in on my head. And though we haven't used it on the last two trips, the heater is marvelous. Climbing into a warm cabin can be soooooo nice. The headroom inside is fantastic. We never feel cramped and the cabin is just so light and, well, pretty. Finishes inside make it look like a modern living space. We really like the fact that it can go just about everywhere. At Senators Wash we got it down a very narrow and super steep hill and tucked into a tiny lake shore spot, away from everyone. And, we keep it packed up and ready to go so when we want to head out, we load the fridge and toss in some clothes and we're out.
You get what you pay for. I am so happy we bought a Meaner Bean and have no regrets! My wife and I looked at many teardrops and know we made the right decision. I know if we bought something else, we would have been looking to upgrade in a few years, but now having experienced the build quality, capabilities and well thought out design and features of the Bean trailer, we know we bought the right one from the start and it was money well spent. We took our Bean off into the rough forest roads and it handled them like a champ! Once there, it was clear that so many details on usability had been thought through and designed into the Bean and we were really impressed. Loving the Bean and being part of the Bean family!
Amazing trailer and amazing service! We first toured the factory this past summer with Mark and Richard and we were very impressed with not only the trailer but with the company itself. We felt they really cared about making a quality product. We picked up our trailer in October and when we initially had an issue and concern they went above and beyond to address the issue and made us feel well taken care of. I believe they 100% stand behind their product and feel confident we made the best choice with our Meaner Bean trailer. We looked at many trailers before deciding on our Bean and were sold not only on the durability and quality but on the actual design itself. Besides the spacious interior with well thought out drawers and storage, this trailer’s kitchen is the smartest designed I’ve seen in a tear drop trailer. Everything right where you need it, the stove, sink and cooler or fridge all together and accessible and a huge storage area for all my kitchen supplies and food. Nothing needs to be unpacked it’s all ready when you get to your site. We are so happy we purchased our Bean trailer!
Me and my wife have been looking at trailers for what seems like forever. There has alway been something "not just right" about the trailers we were looking at. When we came across Bean Trailers, it was love at first sight. The only thing better than the Bean we ordered is the sales experience. They have made the process of obtaining our Bean easy and rather fun. We cannot wait to go to pick up our Bean and see the facility. Thank You
I had my choice narrowed down to three, Bean Trailer, Hiker Trailer, and Escapod. There's a very important difference in Bean, in addition to the one piece fiberglass shell. Take a good look at the galley on any model. Imagine actually cooking. Bean's excellent gas stove extends out from the trailer rear bumper. No trying to lean over anything to make a great meal. So, yes, my stomach made the choice. Can't wait to meet my little white Bean soon!
Had a blast working with Richard at Bean building our trailer. Richard and his team went above and beyond my expectations. We took a two week national park tour driving our bean back home to Alabama. These things are built like tanks. Don’t hesitate...get one.
We love our Mean Bean. We've covered over 10,000 miles of USA in the first two months and can't wait to do more. Working with Richard during build-out was a pleasure. He found a solution for bike rack mounted on the front of the trailer which we very much appreciate. I've told Richard my biggest mistake was leaving out a clause in the sales contract for me to receive referral commissions. Every where we go, people want to see the trailer inside and out, ask lots of questions, and want to know where to buy one. The build quality is top notch. Our adventures have taken us into some challenging terrain and the Bean handled it perfectly. We even were home in Corpus Christi for a week when Hurricane Hannah hit - no issues with Bean! Looking forward to many more adventures!
We bought a Classic Bean this year and couldn’t be happier! The design, quality and workmanship are outstanding. Everything is well thought out and every detail was conscientiously manufactured. This is the one trailer that best fits our needs. Most teardrop trailers either have too many dumb features (who watches TV in a teardrop?) or have shoddy construction or both. Our Bean fits us. It fits in our garage, but has way more headroom than other small teardrops. I love the lighting and the USB plugs for the phones. I love the insulated shell and the 2 doors. So excited!! And the customer service throughout the selection and build and sale was super supportive and kept us informed.
We have loved our Bean trailer! We ran into them at the RV show and got obsessed. There are three main reasons we can recommend a Bean trailer. Number 1, They take care of you. The folks at Bean have been so good to us. From when we started stalking to them at the RV show through when we asked a ton of questions as we were deciding, they were always patient with us and quick to answer our questions. I feel like we always got a straight answer For example, to answer our question about if it had a heater they said something like, "No, you could add one, but how often are you going camping when it's that cold?" After we got it home we noticed a wire that had come loose. We sent an email and they had one of their engineers at our house to fix it in an hour, even though it was a Saturday afternoon. Number 2, The trailer is well-designed and well-built. As we've used it, we are so impressed with how functional it is. It's clear that the people who designed it have actually used it. It has all the things you need in places that make sense. It's the perfect size for my wife. It's light enough to pull behind an SUV, but big enough for everything we need. Also, it's clearly built to last, with parts that are higher quality than the minimum. I don't think it's about just getting something that works for these folks, it's about building a quality product. They told us all sorts of good things as we were shopping for it, but we keep finding more good things about it as we own it. For example, we realized a few weeks in that the trailer has car tires instead of trailer tires so they're longer lasting and easier to replace if there's ever a problem. They never told us! Number 3,  It looks great. Since you're reading this, I'm sure it's obvious to you, but the trailers look great. As we talk to fellow campers and our neighbors, one of the first comments they make is that it's cute (the guys are often hesitant to say it, but it is). Pretty amazing to have something that's so functional and well-built that also looks good. It's a fun trailer to have. We're looking forward for summer to come again!
Picked up our Meaner Bean in May and we love it! The fit, finish, and quality is outstanding. Everyone that sees it, wants one and can’t believe how much room it has. We have taken it everywhere we wanted and more. We have taken it on the Lolo Motorway in Idaho and over the Magruder Corridor between Idaho and Montana. We look forward to many more trips to come! Thank you Bean Team!
We have had so much fun this first summer with our Bean with lots of fresh air, s’mores, and quality time as a family. It’s been everything that I expected, and more. Thanks to Richard and the rest of the Bean folks who patiently answered questions for weeks and then delivered exactly what they said they would. My wife and I will remember this summer with our boys for the rest of our lives. Money well spent.