Adventure enthusiasts are always ready to hit the road and experience the great outdoors. We would know. We’ve been there. Bean is made up of innovators, engineers, and most importantly, a team of outdoor sportsman who embody the spirit of teardrop camping.  From sleeping in the backs of beat-up cars to camping in snow storms, we don’t wait for the adventure to find us, we seek it out! Our team at Bean wants to help you make the most out of your journeys. That’s why we build campers that can go wherever your vehicle can take you. Light, simple, off-road capable and designed to last a lifetime. 


Traveling tiny shouldn’t mean traveling with less. That’s why we created the Bean Trailer. Teardrop trailers have been around since the 1930s, but what worked then doesn’t necessarily work now. So we’ve built a better trailer, one that makes compact traveling more comfortable than you’d ever imagine. Bean trailers eliminate the inconvenient parts of teardrop camping, engineering it for quiet weekends at a campsite as well as trekking through the rougher outdoor elements.  It’s simple, we changed what was once a trailer made of numerous parts to a single piece of fiberglass molded into an exterior. 

Bean Trailers are one of a kind teardrops that makes accessibility, convenience, comfort, and fun a priority. From an exterior molded from a single piece of fiberglass to a reimagined interior that’s smart and spacious, every Bean is built to last as long as the memories you make with them. We’ve worked to make every one of our trailers low hassle, highly durable, and simple to use. We can’t wait to show you our 2020 line of trailers models. 

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