Are you tired of having a boat and a trailer? Have you ever wished you could transfer the amenities of your trailer to your boat? Now you can with the introduction of the Bean Boat.

Mark Harling, founder and President of Bean Trailer is an avid boater and has had a 25ft cabin cruiser since the late 90’s. His boat has been a major source of family fun and adventures for 25 years. The challenges of his cabin cruiser have been the very cramped sleeping quarters and interior galley. Harling said, “We only cooked once in the galley of the boat because it left strong food odors in the interior. Mark thought that it would be incredible to have the comfort of a Bean’s sleeping quarters and the convenience of its outdoor cooking galley. This gave Mark the idea to build a capable, modular boat platform that could accommodate a Bean Trailer.

Introducing Bean Boat. Just drop the back lift gate and crank and secure your Bean on the Boat module! Now you are ready for great boating adventures with the storage, comfort, and functionality of a Bean Trailer.

Features include:

  • Modular trailer winch and anchor system
  • Bow sun pad
  • Marine grade stainless steel railing
  • Front box seating
  • EVA foam faux boat decking, teal
  • Rear trailer ramp/swim deck
  • Wake tower with Kicker Audio sound system.
  • Dual Mercury Outboard Engines
  • Molded fiberglass construction with gelcoat finish

The good news is that the Bean Boat is backwards compatible with all Bean trailers that have a rear hatch and galley. The Bean Boat is not compatible with the new Bean Stock 2.0. Bean is just starting development on the Bean Boat, so pricing is not available.

Bean is gauging interest in the Bean Boat Concept. What features would you like to see in the Bean Boat? First production shipments are anticipated to begin April 1st, 2025 also known as April Fools!