Options & Upgrades

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Outfit Bean to fit your travel needs. Browse our options and upgrades for all of our models starting with Black Bean and then scroll down to view options available for our core models – Bean Stalker Meaner Bean, Mean Bean, Classic Bean, & Bean Stock.  


Bean There Tire Cover

Upgrade: $100

A new feature for our 2021 line of trailers. Add this retro themed Bean There tire cover onto your side mounted spare.

Compatible with: All trailer models

Black Bean Exclusive

Options & Upgrades

Black Bean Large Front Box

Upgrade: Standard

Compatible with: Black Bean

Spare-Mounted Side Table

Upgrade: $399

Compatible with: Black Bean

Guzzle H20 System

Upgrade: $1,195

Compatible with: Black Bean

Power Upgrade

Upgrade: $2,095

Black Bean comes standard with a LionEnergy Safari UT Lithium-polymer 1300 105AH battery with the option to upgrade to two or four batteries. With four batteries you get 420 amp hours.

Compatible with: Black Bean

Cloud Suspension System

Upgrade: $4,899

Cloud Suspension is an important upgrade for overlanders and rugged back country campers.  This system provides a smoother ride and tempers vibrations so your trailer will experience less stress over the duration of its lifespan. It creates 22 3/4″ of ground clearance in the raised position and has 17 3/4″ in the lowered position. Since you can adjust these heights independently this increases galley ergonomics and gives you the ability to level your trailer in dispersed camp sites. 

Suspension Features:

  • Standard 2” lift
  • High performance off-road shocks
  • Custom manufactured trailing arms
  • Airbags
  • Compressor with air tank and leveling controls
  •  Galvanized custom steel frame
  •  33” all terrain tires

Compatible with: Black Bean

Black Bean + Core Models

Options & Upgrades

Black Bean, Bean Stalker, Meaner Bean, Mean Bean, Classic Bean & Bean Stock

Pop-Up Table

Upgrade: $350

A favorite new upgrade amongst most owners. This table converts the cabin sleeping space into a relaxing dining and recreational room. 

Compatible with: Black Bean, Meaner Bean, Mean Bean, Classic Bean

Interior Accent Lighting

Upgrade: $350

With this accent feature you’ll bring light into your cubby and attic space. Create additional ambience before a good night’s sleep or set the tone for movie night in our relaxing cabin space.

Compatible with: Black Bean, Meaner Bean, Mean Bean, Classic Bean, & Bean Stock

Spray Port

Upgrade: $350

The spray port is a great option for people who want the ability to bring pressurized water to the road.  Instantly spray off totes, coolers, bikes and other camp accessories by simply connecting the coil hose. 

Compatible with: Black Bean galley, Premium galley, & Premium Plus galley

23Zero Shower Enclosure

Upgrade: $395

Compatible with: All trailer models (Need Roof Rack System)

Rhino Rack Sun Seeker Awning

Upgrade: $350

Lightweight and easy to deploy. We recommend two people for setup but it can be setup with one. Using this awning protects you from the elements as you take a break from the trails and relax next to your Bean.

Compatible with: All trailer models

Children’s Bunk

Upgrade: $525

For Bean owners with children and dogs, this detachable bunk is a great feature to add to provide additional sleeping space. It installs at the foot of Bean’s queen size bed and  measures, 57.5 in x 22.5 in. 

Compatible with: All trailer models

Roof Rack System

Upgrade: $1095

Need more room for your favorite gear or camping goods? These brackets are the key to be able to upgrade your trailer with most of our exterior options included on this list.  They are through-bolted to provide superior strength for options like storage racks, roof top tents, and awnings. 


• 220 lbs dynamic load capacity 
• 900 lbs static load capacity

Compatible with: All trailer models

95L Roam Box 

Upgrade: $???

The Roam Box Rugged Case is a heavy-duty storage case that is ideal for storing your long items such as chairs, shovels, axles, recovery gear or just adding more storage to your Bean Trailer. Rugged storage that seamlessly mounts to the Front Box or Roof Rack System on your Bean. This premium case features a durable LLDPE shell, Nylon rope handles, steel lockable latches, and a dust/waterproof gasket seal that makes sure your gear always stays protected no matter the terrain.


• Capacity: 95 L
• Material: LDPE
• Exterior Dimensions: 47.24″ W x 18.90″ L x 11.42″ H

Compatible with: Roof Rack System & Front Box

Upholstered Backrest Cushions

Upgrade: $395

For added comfort and cabin aesthetics.  Just got back from a hard day of adventuring? Sit back and relax with the  upholstered backrest. 

Compatible with: All trailer models

Yakima Road Shower

Upgrade: $499

Enjoy the comfort of hot, pressurized water during your teardrop trailer adventures. The tank holds a total of 7 gallons of water for instant access wherever you go! To get more water pressure, the tank must be filled with the Schrader air valve or a garden hose. Bean owners love this option because it’s quick and easy to use and rely’s on the sun’s rays to heat it up. 

Compatible with: All trailer models

Arctic Tern Windows

Standard on all models, see each model for details

Invite extra light and ventilation into your Bean with the  Arctic Tern window. These windows are double pane UV resistant, include blinds and screens, and 17 times stronger than glass! 

Compatible with: All trailer models

MaxFan Roof Fan & Remote

Upgrade: $425

With the heavy-duty roof ventilation fan and handheld remote, push hot air out or pull cool air in to regulate the temperature inside the cabin with ease.

Compatible with: All trailer models

Awning Annex Accessory

Upgrade: $625

For the camper who plans to utilize Bean beyond a weekend getaway, we’re proud to release our custom annex, the next best thing since our 23 Zero 180°  awning. Combine the two upgrades for even more additional coverage from the elements, privacy when you need it, and possibly even as a personal shower stall. The options are endless!

Annex Specs:

  • 6′ x 6′ 6.5′

Compatible with: All trailer models (Need 23Zero 180° awning)

Front Box

Upgrade: $1275

A much anticipated edition to our line up of upgrades, Bean’s Front Box provides a secure and sturdy location to store extra gear and your campers battery system. Many Bean owners love this option because it’s an effective utilization of space. This box can’t have a bike rack put on top. 

Standard Front Box:

  • 60.50″ x 21.35″ x 24.76″

Black Bean Box:

  • 60.50″ x 29.44″ x 24.25″

Compatible with: All trailer models except for Black Bean

Stealth Front Window

Upgrade: $875

Get the best view of the mountains, forest, or lakefronts  from the comfort of your cabin space. With this option, you’ll create a stealthy modern exterior style while opening your cabin space up to more natural light. Recommended with the removable Light Leaf Solar Panel for in-transit protection!

Pro Tip

  • Combine the front window with our pop-up table option to have a date with nature while you sip on your morning coffee!

Compatible with: All trailer models except for Bean Stalker

Norcold NFR30 Fridge/Freezer

Upgrade: $650

Whether you’re reaching for a refreshing drink, a snack, or fresh meat for the grill, the Norcold fridge or freezer is your greatest camping ally. All of our galley’s are equipped with a 12V electrical hook up to keep your food chilled without the hassle of ice.  This isn’t your average mini-fridge! The NRF30 will fit in our Basic Plus or Premium galleys. 

Compatible with: All trailer models


Upgrade: $529

Have you ever felt like you needed more room in your cooler while camping? Well, we’ve got you covered with the ICECO JP 40. This spacious 43 qt has a cooling range from 0° F up to 50° F and has a 5 year warranty. All of our galley’s are equipped with a 12V electrical hook up to keep your food chilled without the hassle of ice.  Your favorite go-to food and drinks won’t ever have to fight for space again.

Compatible with: All galleys


Upgrade: $899

Taking on rough terrain? Need a step up to the stand-on fender or the roof rack? Bean’s rockslider upgrade provides serious protection and function for your teardrop trailer. Made of durable steel, these guards can save the under-edge of your trailer’s shell from unwanted contact with rocks and branches on off-road trails. This stylish option will  keep your trailer looking pristine for many miles to come.

Compatible with: All trailer models

Zamp stand-alone Solar Panel Kit

Upgrade: $749

The 140 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Solar Kit is a great option to be able to charge your trailer on the go. Simply set it up when you arrive at your destination and let this panel go to work for you. 

Compatible with: All trailer models

Lithium-polymer Battery

Upgrade: $899

Whether you’re caravanning through the road less traveled or relaxing at an established campground, trusty power sources are a must for most. Charge your gadgets and more with the LionEnergy Safari UT Lithium-polymer 1300 battery. You won’t need to worry about battery levels and this upgrade is much lighter. We like to say the Lithium battery will pay for itself over the life of the trailer. 

Lithium Battery Specs:

  • Double the battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 23.5 lbs

(Standard Option) AGM Battery  Specs:

  • AGM can only use about 50% of it’s capacity
  • 2 year warranty
  • 69.5 lbs

Compatible with: All trailer models

23 Zero 180° Awning

Upgrade: $799

A step up from the Sun Seeker awning, this easy to deploy, wide coverage awning is great for inclement weather or to escape the beating sun. The best thing about this option is it’s sturdy enough to stand up with ratchet straps without having to deploy the additional stabilizing poles.

+$349 for deluxe zip in wall.

Compatible with: All trailer mdoels

Front Mounted Alta Bike Rack

Upgrade: $1,079

Being mobile is a beautiful thing. Conveniently bring your bikes anywhere you go with this 4 basket  bike rack. This setup ensures contact to the tires only and Alta also uses 8 feet of weld on every rack, to ensure a life time product.

Compatible with: Meaner Bean, Mean Bean, Classic Bean, & Bean Stock

LightLeaf 140 Watt Solar Panel, Removable

Upgrade: $1175

The 140 Watt LightLeaf Solar Panel is an excellent option to charge Bean in transit and be able to offset power consumption at your campsite. While traveling, use the 3 part easy lock system to secure your panel on the front of Bean. When you arrive at your destination simply detach the panel and angle it towards the sun.

LightLeaf Specs:

  • 22% efficient SunPower monocrystalline cells
  • Carbon fiber composite rigid structure moulded to specific curvature
  • Impact and abrasion resistant UV-safe polycarbonate face
  • Panels are waterproof with an IP66 rated junction box
  • Quick-release and lockable mounting hardware
  • Lightweight and easy to handle at only 3kg and 8mm thick

Compatible with: All trailer models

Instant Hot Water System

Upgrade: $1,050

Freshen up and bring the luxury of a hot shower with you on the road! Instantly heat water from our 18 gallon water tank! For added privacy, many Bean owners pair this option with the 23ZERO Peregrine vehicle shower enclosure or with the 23ZERO Peregrine 180 awning with Bean’s zip-in annex. 

Compatible with: Black Bean galley, Premium galley and Premium Plus galley

Front Storage Lockers

Upgrade: $1,675

The front lockers provide additional storage space that is easy to utilize. They are secured with key locks and each have interior clothes hooks for items like backpacks, jackets, muddy boots, etc. 

Compatible with: All trailer models except for Bean Stalker

Truma Varioheat

Upgrade: $1,850

Keep your trailer’s interior temperature cozy, even if you’re adventuring in the middle of winter. With the upgraded Truma Varioheat, take advantage of traveling around in your Bean no matter the season or weather conditions.

Compatible with: All trailer models

ARMADILLO® A3 Roof Top Tent

Roof top tent set up on Bean Trailer

Upgrade: $3,995

Bean Trailer was built with ample space and comfortable sleep in mind. In fact Bean’s cabin has 20% more room than the average teardrop trailer but how should you sleep multiple friends or family members? Easy. Travel smart with an  easy-to-deploy king size rooftop tent. 

Compatible with: All trailer models

Trailer Cover

Upgrade: $1,690

Protect your Bean Trailer from harsh weather elements while it’s being stored! The cover is made from Sunbrella fabric with Sunbrella SUNZIP zippers, allowing you to get inside the cabin at any time. One-size fits all for a tight and snug fit.

Sunbrella Fabric Specs:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fade resistant and colorfast
  • Repels water and mildew
  • Resists mold and stains
  • Breathable and easy to handle

Sunbrella SUNZIP Zipper Specs:

  • High-performing
  • Sunbrella Acrylic zipper tape
  • Fights off fading and harmful sun rays
  • Zipper teeth are made of resistant resin

Compatible with: All trailers except Black Bean

A/C – Dometic RTX2000 

Upgrade: $3,250

This A/C is fast, efficient and will keep your Bean cool and comfortable when you’re camping in warm and humid climates! We recommend a shore power connection for prolonged use but the unit will run for approximately 3 hours off of a dual lithium battery setup alone. This unit is not retrofittable for Bean owners or Bean Trailer’s that have already started production. 

Compatible with: All trailer models except Bean Stalker

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