Recommended Camping Gear​


As adventurers, hikers, mountain climbers, and wanderlusters, we take our gear seriously. No matter where your adventure takes you, having the right accessories can make the difference between so-so traveling and the trips of a lifetime. Whether you’re packing your Teardrop Camper to the brim with your favorite gear or you’re one to travel light, our team is here to make sure you’re ready for the road. From heat exchange kettles and solar string lights to heavy-duty trailer covers, we’ve compiled the best camping supplies recommended by our customers and team. If you need the gear, the Bean Trailer Shop is here.

Of course, great camping gear wouldn’t be complete without a trailer to match. If you’re ready to take your next adventure on the road, we’re ready to build you a Bean Teardrop Trailer. Just like your gear, a trailer is a statement and visual story of who you are and the adventure you seek. Create your dream trailer through our Bean Trailer Configurator or contact our team today.

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