Since 2018, Bean Trailer has been pushing the limits in the world of off-road camping and developing a range of durable camper models and offerings that check all of the boxes. All of our trailers are crafted with precision and built for rugged terrains. Bean Trailer has a model for just about everyone! We offer affordable teardrop trailer style trailers to family sized hybrid campers. This concise guide will help you distinguish each trailer and it’s features from the others.

There are many variables to consider when purchasing a camper trailer. Some of the most important include the following. What is your budget? What trailer weight is compatible with your tow vehicle? What type of trailer construction is important to you? How off-road capable should your trailer be? Do you need a rear galley? What features are necessary? Keep these questions in mind as you continue through your shopping journey and while reading through this guide.

Bean Stock

The Bean Stock model is our most affordable and lightweight one piece fiberglass trailer with the largest interior space. It has a large operable rear window in lieu of a hatch and a modular/stowable galley. It starts at $15,999 with a base weight of only 1,175 lbs. This trailer can be towed by smaller vehicles with a 1,500 lb. tow capacity in its lightest configuration. See our Tow Capability page to compare with your vehicle.

Mean Bean, Meaner Bean, & Bean Stalker

The Mean BeanMeaner Bean, and Bean Stalker models are our mid-tier trailers that are equipped with rear hatches and galleys.  The primary difference is that they come with a higher weight capacity, suspension and different standard offerings. These models are best suited for midsize SUVs.

Black Bean

The Black Bean model is our premium and most capable trailer that supports all the frills. It comes with a decadent galley, a larger front box, an optional independent air suspension system, and much more!

Bean Squared

The Bean Squared model is a family sized teardrop-pop-up hybrid and the largest camper we’ll soon be offering. This trailer maximizes interior space while keeping its footprint compact and agile. It supports both a queen size and full size mattress with interior and exterior cooking setups. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trailer experts if you have additional questions. Give us a call at 844-770-7036 or email us at We are happy to help!