Is Bean Bear Proof?

By following precautions and learning from other Bean owners’ experiences, you can significantly reduce the risk of bear encounters and enjoy a safer camping experience.

Utah RV Dealership Puts An End to Cheap Materials

Unfortunately, for decades, the RV industry has followed a tired formula: big rigs, cheap parts while putting a focus on luxury over practicality. Bean’s reputation is proof there is a better way: we make trailers for those that value quality and durability. In this video, take a deep dive into the current state of the […]

Bean Stock 2.0 is a Budget-Friendly Teardrop Trailer Starting at $15,999

In the ever-evolving landscape of teardrop trailers, Bean Trailer has once again raised the bar with the introduction of the Bean Stock 2.0. Replacing its predecessor, the Bean Stock 1.0, this innovative trailer is the only premium one-piece fiberglass trailer in the country that starts at $15,999. “This trailer was designed for budget-conscious individuals that […]

Choosing the Perfect Bean Trailer: Explore Mr. Bean’s Trailer Build for Inspiration

Bean Trailer camping at sunset

Bean Trailer has 6 different teardrop trailer models available with many intriguing customization options and upgrades. This abundance of choice can create quite the delightful dilemma for our prospective owners. Fortunately, to help you make a great decision, we have a full team of trailer experts and engineers available to share their perspective based on […]

It’s HERE, Cloud Suspension is now available on Black Bean Trailer Models!

Black Bean off road

Everyone camps differently, but many have looked to teardrop trailers, conversion vans, or alternative overlanding setups to get off the ground, increase sleeping comfort, and increase mobility on the trails. Each setup has a fair share of pros and cons but if you follow Bean Trailer, you’re probably aware we consistently release new thoughtful upgrades […]

2022: Bean Trailer’s Most Popular Off-Road Trailer Model

Photo collage of Bean Trailer owners

What Does the Average Trailer Configuration Look Like? What Do Most Bean Owner’s Select? Many people are drawn to Bean Trailer because each model ends up being very unique and custom to each owner’s specifications. There are many options to select from!  If you’re still determining what options are right for you, and how you […]