Unfortunately, for decades, the RV industry has followed a tired formula: big rigs, cheap parts while putting a focus on luxury over practicality. Bean’s reputation is proof there is a better way: we make trailers for those that value quality and durability. In this video, take a deep dive into the current state of the RV industry with valuable insider knowledge from Bean’s core sales and manufacturing team. We’ll explore the challenges facing traditional dealerships and why so many future owners might feel priced out or overwhelmed.

With the introduction of Bean Stock 2.0, we’re proud to add another model to our fleet that meets many expectations and feedback from of our loyal community. This lightweight and affordable model keeps everything you love about Bean; the one-piece fiberglass shell, the craftsmanship, the durability, without using cheap plywood or flimsy aluminum.

Thousands of seasoned and technical campers from around the country have joined the Bean family because of our commitment to quality. So whether you’re a practiced RVer or just starting to dream about hitting the open road, this video is a must-watch to explore the intricacies of teardrop trailer manufacturers and what processes to look for when deciding which brand of camper is right for you.

Join the conversation and explore this behind the scenes video of the Making of Bean Stock 2.0.

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